NEWS – CITE Submission Update

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SUBMISSION DATE of DECEMBER 15 IS FAST APPROACHING!! If you previously submitted an abstract but have not received a confirmation email from us, please resubmit as we had some technical issues in early November. Our apologies for the inconvenience. CITE invites all interested business, transportation, planning, and healthcare professionals to submit abstracts for the upcoming 2017 Annual Conference, June 6-10 in Regina, SK.

The conference theme – Supporting a Healthy, Vibrant Community – focuses on how our profession facilitates, promotes, and maintains such communities. We are pleased to announce that the CITE 2017 conference will now be accepting submissions in two possible formats. With this change in format, we have moved the abstract submission deadline to December 16, 2016.


This one is awarded annually and semi-annual to one of many CSCE Members or main Associate Member who has demonstrated amazing professional accomplishments as a young pro engineer and entrepreneur. Usually, participants should be not older than 34 years as of December 30 within the year that the award which is presented, although this age limit may be longer for those who have taken extended leaves from the practice.

For the 2nd time, the city is introducing a new applied program stream in Sask and Regina.

The 2nd Annual Conference on business Innovation in Business and Engineering Practices is what you’ve all been asking for – an annual conference that offers a group of papers and presentations that takes the applied research and puts it into action and practice. The intent is with your support and participation, this will become a semi and annual component within our community and conference.

REGINA is no longer the place to be from, it’s the place to be! SEE YOU IN 2017.

You can find more information at

CITE Annual Conference in Regina

June 6-10th, 2016

Plans are underway for an excellent event that will showcase all that our province has to offer. Regina 2017 also coincides with their Section’s 26th Anniversary, and they will be taking the opportunity to celebrate in grand fashion! There will be opportunity to expand your transportation knowledge through our technical program and tours, and to have fun and helps us celebrate during events that showcase our city and province. The conference will be a celebration that you will not want to miss!…


Company Recognition – Vancouver Workplace Lawyer Firm

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vancouver workplace lawWe would like yo take this time to congratulate and thanks a Vancouver company for helping and sponsoring our events. They are a workplace law firm and are based in British Columbia. Contact us.

[Info from their website]

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Legal assistance in Vancouver

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lawyer helpLegal issues

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Areas covered

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Calgary Rhinoplasty – Head of Otorhinolaryngology and Neck Surgery

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rhinoplasty surgeon calgary

With an widely extensive experience in cosmetic and nasal reconstructive surgery, Dr. makes Rhinoplasty a significant part of his work in Calgary, Alberta Program.

You can watch some illustrated plastic surgery right here.

Calgary Rhinoplasty Specialist

Nasal surgery, or a “nose job” as it is called generally, can dramatically alter an individual’s look. While patients of all ages are welcome for assessing their Rhinoplasty Calgary AB requirements, it should be duly noted that full development of the nose is achieved till around the age of 14 to 16, which is why we may advise our younger patients to opt for surgery only when they reach the appropriate age of nasal development before going for Rhinoplasty surgery. You can visit our media gallery here and have a look at our CBC video on ‘Teenage Rhinoplasty’ featuring.

Breathing Troubles and Rhinoplasty

In some instances, where surgery is performed to rectify the nose’s otherwise faulty structure which cause breathing problems, patients can opt for a cosmetic nose reshaping that can be done on the same occasion. Upon considering surgery, it is of utmost importance that both as well as the patient come up to a decisive plan as to how the changes will be made to the nose. It is equally important that the patient is aware of the fact that there might exist numerous restraints on what can be achievable in cosmetic plastic surgery events, depending on skin type and ethnicity. In all Rhinoplasty surgery cases, issues related to function and aesthetics are of utmost concern and demand the careful study of every patient’s case and the complete assessment of their unique facial attributes.

Rhinoplasty Assessment

Calgary Plastic Surgeon who specializes as an Otolaryngologist, shall be assessing your breathing and evaluating your nasal structure. He will then establish any nasal structural deformities, deviated septum, or possible vulnerability to any allergy that you might have.

When your evaluation is carried out in Calgary, they will assess the nose quality both internally and externally, where its shape, skin quality and size along with the general face structure also be duly assessed and noted. Furthermore, Dr. offers the facility of Computer Imaging, where photographs already taken are altered digitally during consultation in line with discussions in order to view the potential resultant change in appearance brought about by plastic surgery. The current charge for availing this history facility is $200; for patients who book a surgery, however, this same fee will be credited to the account of the patient. We may also sometimes recommend a chin augmentation in order to achieve an appealing facial balance. To make sure you will have an adequate amount of time reserved for your consult, you must inquire regarding this service while booking your consultation.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

As the name implies,primary level-Rhinoplasty basically is nasal surgery that is conducted on a nasal structure which has never been operated on, and varies in complexity from very simple procedures (such as the reduction of a bump) to complex ones that may involve the shaping of the nose. But even if the procedure is simple, in order to achieve the best-possible results, every surgery requires great precision – the most simplest of Rhinoplasty operations performed by a novice can lead to dis-satisfactory results, to say the least.

Rhinoplasty can be “reduction” or “augmentation/addition” in nature

Reduction Rhinoplasty surgery aims to enhancing the nose’s shape by reducing its size. In such cases, you can get results by re-shaping the nasal bone and cartilage; some extra nasal septum-cartilage – the nose partition – can also be used. In most cases involving reduction Rhinoplasty, foreign materials or other grafts are not required.

Augmentative Rhinoplasty, also known as Non-Caucasian Rhinoplasty surgery aims to build-up the nose and add to the strength of the nasal tip. As the alternative name suggests, most of the patients who opt for this are of either African or Asian (i.e. non-Caucasian) descent. In these cases, grafts from cartilage or even synthetic implants may be required.



Nooner, March 17th, 2017 – Program

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Location: University Club (former Faculty Club), University of Saskatchewan

Time: 12:30pm to 1:35pm


The Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program (E.F.D.R.P) is a provincial government funded scheme to provide assistance in emergency or imminent flood risk situations to communities, groups, rural municipalities, small businesses, and individuals as well as country residences. This program is managed by the Saskatchewan Water based Security Agency (W.S.A) who assigns engineering consultants to assess and recommend appropriate engineering solutions within the given time scale and project fund constraints.

The purpose of this presentation is to use an example of the EFDRP news assignment to highlight the importance of deploying practical engineering solutions in events of emergency.  Emphases will be given to the fast pace of the projects from inception to completion, in a short time scale with cost limitations, for which the engineer must apply safety and sound engineering principles to suit the flood affected location.

Speaker: Kourosh Mafazzali, AECOM

AECOM has been assigned by the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency (WSA) to assess, recommend and design emergency flood reduction schemes for the EFDRP program. Kourosh Mofazzali has been the program project manager since the project started in 2011. He began with mobilising tasks for the program since March 2011 and is now actively involved in the engineering investigations with the affected communities to establish preliminary assessment of the problem, recommendations, and design of mitigating measures. He has now completed approximately 90 flood control assignments since March 2011. These comprise of flood mitigation projects for single owner acreage properties to populated towns and villages in rural municipalities.

The investigations potentially move to a more detailed flood mitigation study, covering wider areas, and subsequently more complex and long term regional flood control measures, which is outside of the scope of this presentation.